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The history of the farmhouse

From 1877 ...

The history of the farm is linked to the history of the famous Pisani family of S. Stefano. In 1807, the Pisani famliy sold their sumptuous residence of Stra to Napoleon Bonaparte, after the fall of Venice. They then moved to Vescovana, in the countryside between Padua and Rovigo, and concentrated all their economic interests in the vast landed properties.

In the middle of the 19th century, Evelyne Van Millingen, a young woman with a cosmopolitan education, born in Constantinople from a French mother and an English father, married Almorò III Pisani and settled in Vescovana. She created in and around the villa an atmosphere of aristocratic informality


le Quattro Rose in pixels



Until our days

The “Doge's farm”

 as it was called by a young English writer, one of Evelyne’s guests, soon became the seat of an intense cultural life and a holiday home for nobles and intellectuals of the time. In 1877 the Pisani family built all around the Villa several farms, one of which is now the farm “Le Quattro Rose” (Eng. The Four Roses).

The family died out in 1880 and the villa was inherited by the Bentivoglio d’Aragona family, as shown by the coat of arms on the facade of the farmhouse.

The farm

Over the years, the farm has passed from family to family, up to the present days with the latest owners, who have decided to redevelop and bring to the original rustic beauty of the farmhouse and its surroundings with the intention of giving all guests a place of tranquillity and rest immersed in the green countryside of the lower Padua.

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